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Delivery Insulated Food Carriers

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Why Sterno Delivery?

Seamless liners means there are no holes that sauces or liquids can seep through to form mold, bacteria and cause odors in the insulation. No seams also makes our IFC’s easier to clean
Our multilayered insulation design protects from outside temperatures while maintaining temperature inside the IFC.
Superior Grade, tear resistant, vinyl liner holds up to the rigors of the industry – includes a 5 year Leak-Proof Liner Warranty. PLUS, reinforced stitching in high-abuse areas help prevent rips and tears.
Stop wasting time and overspending each year by replacing delivery bags every 3 months for rips, mold, odor and broken zippers. Switch to Sterno® and Save!*

* Actual savings by operation will vary based on IFC type, quantity and frequency of use.

Protect Your Brand with Sterno Delivery


Sterno Seamless™ Liner

No Seams. No Leaks. No Bacteria.

Dense Foam Insulation

Keeps Hot Food, Hot. Keeps Cold Food, Cold.

Super Tough & Durable

Tear Resistant, Long Lasting Vinyl Liner.

Customize Your IFC

Showcase YOUR brand. Add your logo, a color, or an add-on feature.
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